Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Roses & Cables pullover

I started this sweater many many months ago and I'm so happy that I can finally say it's complete!! I bought the pattern online from Mary Maxim about 6 months ago. The pattern was really easy to follow but I kind of messed up the bottom cabling, instead of knitting two additional rows after the "arrow" I just kept on with the arrow cabling, but I was consistent and I think it looks good. I wanted to bring it from the 80's to the 10's so I took to instagram and asked for some help! I did the back in black and. This part actually took me a long time! I was kind of bored with the plain knitting and so was happy to get back into the floral pattern for the sleeves. 

yay it's done!! And I love it! 6 months well spent ;). Now onto new knitting projects. The next one I'm making is all one colour but involves changing the stitches to give it some texture/pattern. 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

easiest shrug

It's so so so so so so so so so cold right now in Toronto which is generally the case at the end of January. Back in December I started to make a cosy shrug which is working wonders for me these days! It's definitely my favourite project that I've completed in 2015, but I also think it's one of my all time faves. It's SO easy which actually made me a bit bored with it but it's really easy to take anywhere and complete. It just took me a bit longer than usual because of how big it is. I based the pattern on this free Lion Brand pattern, but I changed it based on the yarn I wanted to use. I stitched it up on a road trip in the dark so it's not perfect but it's finished and I love it. 

This is what you'll need:
- 5 Balls of Super Bulky Weight Yarn (I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Citron)
- one pair of long circular needles size 11 (8mm) 
- one tapestry needle

You're basically going to be making a long rectangle and then folding it over once it's done.
- Cast on 180 stitches
- work in ribbing (knit 1, purl 1) for 2 inches (about 7 rows)
- work in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row) until the entire piece measures approximately 42 inches
- work in ribbing (knit 1, purl 1) for 2 inches (about 7 rows, or same number of rows as you did the first 2 inches)

fold entire piece in half with the ribbed parts touching. starting from the ribbing - stitch up the sides about 13 inches, repeat on the second side. 

And that's it!!! It's done! A comfy shrug you can wear wherever you please. Wasn't that easy? 

Goldie approves. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

tea cosy pattern

Every christmas my family does a "secret santa" with all of the cousins, aunts, and uncles, which ends up being about 20 people. I had my Aunt and knew that I wanted to knit her something but I had a hard time thinking of what that could be. I decided to make her a tea cosy! Which didn't fit a lot of pots... so I also ended up getting her a teapot to fit the cosy, haha. Now I'm here to tell you about how to make this tea cosy and what sized pot it goes with! I've made a similar cosy in the past but with different yarn and different sized needles. Using this pattern as my guide I changed it based on yarn, needle size, and how big I thought it should be. These are the results. 

- one ball of Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn in Rose Heather
- size 8 (5mm) needles
- cable needle
- button
- tapestry needle
- 1.4L teapot
K = Knit
P = Purl
m1 = make one
C6 = move 3 stitches onto cable needle, keep in front, knit the next 3 stitches, and then knit the stitches from the cable needle 
P2t = purl two together

Cast on 20 stitches
Rows 1-4: rib in K1, P1 pattern
Row 5: *P2, M1, P1, M1* repeat to end
You should now have 32 stitches
Next you're going to be making the cables, each big cable takes 6 rows to complete an entire "cable" so if you want to make your tea cosy longer, keep in mind these 6 rows
Row 6: *P2, K6* repeat to end
Row 7: Purl
Row 8: *P2, K6* repeat to end
Row 9: Purl
Row 10: *P2, C6* (see cable legend above)
Row 11: Purl
Now you've completed one cable! Good job. 
Repeat rows 6-11 4 more times (or more if you need it to be longer)
You should have completed 35 rows
Row 36: *P2t, P1* repeat to end
You should now have 20 stitches 
Row 37-40: *K1, P1* repeat to end
Cast off 
For the second side of the tea cosy you'll have to add an extra place to put the button, you can use your own method or follow what I did below:
Row 37: Cast on 4 stitches, and work in K1, P1 ribbing
Row 38: *K1, P1* repeat until last 4 stitches - cast off two stitches then K1, P1
Row 39: K1, P1, make two and continue in K1, P1 ribbing until end
Row 40: *K1, P1* repeat until end
Cast off

To assemble attach the bottoms with your tapestry needle, and add the button to the top. Put it on your teapot and admire your work! 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pole sweater pattern!

A couple of years ago I made a little sweater for the telephone pole outside of my house. It was nothing fancy just a nice little cozy that I looked at while leaving or coming home and sometimes I saw people take pictures of it or touch it and it made me feel so happy to see people interacting with it. The other day I came home, and it was cut down the middle and thrown on my front garden!!! How rude
sad little pole sweater
I was already having a bad day and then this. Sigh. Who would even do such a thing?? I guess it was getting really old and ratty but I saw someone take a photo of it LAST WEEK. Anywayyyy I decided to not let it get the best of me, and instead I wanted to make an even BETTER pole sweater! After all, I have an entire closet of yarn that is getting a little out of hand. 

I found some yarn that I bought last year that I absolutely love but haven't found a project to use it for. As I cast on I guessed at how wide I should make, and thought it would look nice with a heart in the middle so added that in too. In the end it fit perfectly!! And now I can share the pattern with y'all. Here it is.

- 1 ball of Super Bulky yarn (I used - Red Heart Vivid yarn - this stuff is EXTRA bulky fyi)
- some excess yarn in a different colour (I used Wool-Ease Thick & Quick - not as bulky but still fine)
- 1 pair of US size 19 (15mm) knitting needles (I like to use circular needles)
- 1 tapestry needle
- scissors

Cast on 23 stitches
Rows 1-5: knit 
Row 6: purl 
Row 7-17: use stockinette stitch (knit odd rows, purl even rows) while working in the heart pattern with your contrast colour
Row 18-21: continue in stockinette (your heart should be complete)
Row 22-27: knit
Row 28: bind off with a long tail

heart pattern from Craft Passion
- Using your tapestry needle, sew the sides together with the telephone pole in the middle. To have extra security, sew it up and then back down again
- Cut any extra yarn and hid the ends on the other side of the sweater

Finished!! Enjoy your little sweater pole, and hope that no one cuts it down the middle, at least not for the first 2 years ;) 

Goldie guards to make sure no one will cut it off
neon + heart yep yep yep
yay!! finished pole sweaters!!

Let me know if you make one!! I would love to see it, share it on instagram and tag me. 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Wolf & Bear Pillows

Recently I made the amazing "Oh my bear" sweater from Tiny Owl Knits, but it turned out looking more like a cross between a wolf and a bear because of the colours that I used. Coincidentally my DIYBFF and her husband to be's spirit animals are a wolf and a bear! After making the sweater I knew I had to incorporate this pattern into something for them. I decided on pillows and bought a second pattern set from Tiny Owl Knits - The Woodsy Association for the actual wolf pillow. 

I used super bulky wool (Lion Brand Wool Ease thick & quick) and size 10 needles. 
  • Cast on 37 stitches 
  • Knit row 1
  • Purl row 2 
  • Knit 2 stitches and work in pattern, knit last 2 stitches
  • Work in pattern until bear is complete
  • knit next row
  • purl next row 
  • Add one stitch and knit in seed stitch for about 4 inches, include three evenly spaced button holes
  • pick up stitches at bottom and knit in seed stitch until length matches length of stockinette stitch on other side
  • sew up sides of pillow and add bottons to back
  • insert pillow form
  • repeat with Wolf pattern - being sure to centre the pattern appropriately

And there you have it!!! Let me know if you end up making them. They look difficult but were sooo fun to make and once you get the hand of colour work aren't too difficult. I tried to draft a wolf pattern that was as big as the bear but I didn't have enough time and didn't want to risk it. So I just gave up and did the pattern in the size given by TIny Owl Knits. I mean it's a homemade gift so can't be perfect right? 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Last month I went to NYC! It was so much fun and nice to catch up with friends although there was an insane snowstorm which then proceeded to melt and freeze over, nooo the worst! This winter has really done a number on everyone. I got to go see the Kollabora office where I finally met cool maker babe Lindsey. How cool is that sign?!?! 

Mostly we just stayed indoors though, it was during the olympics and hockey was on so we would sit at a bar and watch the game and wonder from restaurant to restaurant in the area. Just as we were about to leave Brooklyn, there was a man selling Gold Hammer necklaces on the street!! So obviously we had to consider buying it but were short on cash and it was $60. After eating lunch and taking out money, we tried to find this man but he had left!! Luckily I remembered Brooklyn Charm, an amazing DIY jewelry store and I thought they might have some Gold Hammer charms. They did indeed have it and we got all of the parts for under $10.

It was an amazing trip and I can't wait to go back, hopefully though when the weather is nice.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I love cross stitch/embroidery and so when Merry gave me a cross stitch wedding gift I was sooo excited!! Not only is it incredibly cute (look at the little meowla!) but it also includes a quote from my favourite book, Le Petit Prince. It's such a great and unique gift, I would recommend making something like this for anyone who loves cross stitch :)

Speaking of cross stitch... last year for valentines day I made Adam a cross stitch with What's your fantasy lyrics, so I wanted to make something similar again this year. Obviously Beyonce's new album is all the rage so I had to do something from that. I decided to do a Yonce lyric because it's his fave song on the album. 

Lastly, I also made a 'surfboard' cross stitch for two friends. 


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I got married back in November and had the BEST time! When I woke up it was snowing for the first time of the year!! It was so incredibly beautiful. A town car was supposed to pick me up but I looked out my window and there was a Hummer Limo!! haha so obnoxious but they said it's because of the snow, so I jumped in and we wound around the small one way streets of my neighbourhood picking up the bridesmaids on the way.

I also decided to get some disposable cameras after my friend convinced me to. I still have 2 disposable cameras that I need to get developed. I wasn't sure if I would do the disposables as I had read online that it's not worth it; expensive to develop and people take shitty photos. But actually they all turned out pretty well! I would just say to only get 3 cameras instead of 10... many were not used or had one or two photos taken. 

Also while doing my wedding research I tried to figure out what venue would be the best for us. It was difficult!! There aren't many websites that have a list of ALL venues with the pros and cons, so I'll just tell you my experience. 

We went with Hart House because it was $10,000 cheaper than anywhere else we looked (we were considering mostly art gallery type spaces where we would have had to bring everything in). The down side for us was that we had to be out of there by 1:00am rather than 2 or 3am, so we had an after party for the latenighters. We did stations instead of a sitdown dinner so we saved a lot of money and it was more relaxed. Hart House comes with a wedding coordinator who helped us decide how much and what to get although we did end up having WAYYY too much food, and we weren't able to take any of it home. Also on the day of our wedding our wedding coordinator was having a meeting with another couple even though she told us she would be free for when we arrived, which was stressful because we still had a few things that needed to be taken care of. I would highly recommend Hart House because of the beautiful location and the price but just don't count on having a wedding coordinator - make sure that you have someone there with you (bridesmaid, friend) who knows how everything is supposed to go on the day so you don't have to worry about it. 

Our friend Karen of kids of the wood is an amazingly talented photographer who took our wedding photos! I generally hate cheesy wedding photos so it was nice to have a friend taking the shots. Also it was freezing outside. 

My flower crown and all of the floral arrangements were from Coriander Girl who worked with me to come up with something that was both affordable and beautiful. More photos of that to come.

My hair and makeup were done by Emily Sara Pike who was so nice and down to earth, it's important to have cool peeps around on your wedding day!!

OK so there you have it! I hope that someone considering Toronto wedding venues will stumble upon this because it definitely would have been helpful to me when I was looking :)


Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I've been working on making a lot of new items in different colours and I've finally put it all (mostly) up on etsy! My one main style this year is the nopom toque. Last year the pomfaces were popular but I got a lot of requests for hats without pompoms! Yes I know the nopom looks just like the pomface but without a pompom, but there's more to it than that. The top of the hat has to look juuust right, not too pointy, and not too long, so it was a process. Anyway I've come up with something that I love and I hope that others like it too! 

My favourite right now is the charcoal grey, just so perfect for fall. Oh AND I got really sweet new tags for all of my items! As you can kind of see in the last photo. Check out all of my new stuff up at my etsy shop!


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

wowowow ok I just realized it's been a LONG time! I was trying to enjoy my last little bit of summer, went to Temagami for a week with my besties and got to look at this every night...
sigh... yes it's just that beautiful. So was doing a lot of reading, tanning, watching the OC and knitting of course! Oh and I just started a new job this week and I'm in the midst of planning a wedding! eek! Well here are the things that I've been knitting

ah I'm just in love with this yarn! It is so beautiful and comfy. I'll put it up on etsy once I've taken a few more photos! 

This hat is great because it has extra yarn which can be very necessary for Canadian winters! I think I'll wear one in this colour this year... or maybe a different colour once I put together a few more colour combos! You can see it up on etsy here!

The August Gladstone Flea was really really great and we've just announced that we'll be doing a December Holiday Market flea! Click here to learn more!  


Friday, 5 July 2013

Gladstone Flea: July edition!

Tomorrow is the second Gladstone Flea of the summer!!! It's going to be amazing! This time the flea is in the ballroom and it's Beer Month at the Gladstone meaning that they'll have beer cocktails including beergaritas!!! really nothing I love more than a good beergarita. I had some last night in anticipation of the flea. We had SO many submissions this month and we have a lot of amazing vendors!!! I can't wait to see what everyone brings! Here are a few photos from some of the cool people who will be there tomorrow:
Clockwise from top left: WORN, House of Bauble, Scoley, Said the King, She Said Jewelry, Rong Designs

It's going to be a lot of fun! Come by to say hi and stay for some beer and local shopping. All from 10-4 tomorrow at 1214 Queen st. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

israel etc

I just got back from 10 days away in Israel/Istanbul. It was soooo amazing and everything was incredibly beautiful. And on the first day after an incredibly long journey, I got engaged! It was a beautiful night and now onto planning! I like planning things so this should be fun. 
Also while in Israel I finished my socks!! I thought I would be able to finish them on the flight but knitting and flying made me feel a bit sick and so it took me longer than expected. The weather was really hot anyway so I didn't need the socks while away, not that I need them back in Toronto either. Anyway I am very pleased with the final product! I messed up the first sock by not continuing in the pattern on the top near the heel, but I just did the same thing with the second sock and it looks fine. I really LOVED making these socks! The process was fun and a lot easier than I had expected. I really recommend knitting a pair of socks to any knitter!!! Just do it! And if you need help maybe I can help you! Again, the pattern that I used was Hermione's everyday socks which is a free pattern on ravelry! If anyone has any other free sock pattern recommendations please send them my way! 
This weekend is the second Gladstone Flea! It should be awesome! If you're in Toronto come check it out! 


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

what I've been making lately

I've been knitting so much lately! I took a break for a few months and tried some different things, crochet, but mostly cross stitch/embroidery. The other week I got a request for a knitted tea cosy! So I looked into patterns and changed one around a little bit and ended up with this

ah I love it so much! I will be making one for myself and then for other tea lovers in my life! Friday morning I realized that I still didn't have a father's day gift for my dad! So I decided to make him a tie inspired by Knit York City's boyfriend tie which was based on this free pattern. I used yarn that I had lying around my house which was probably a mistake because it was definitely too thick for a tie! But I had very little time so I'm proud of the result. I want to figure out a better tie though. Here is the one I made 

so there you have it! what I've been knitting lately. I'm off to Israel tomorrow for two weeks ahh!! Hope to finish my second sock on the plane :)


Friday, 7 June 2013

Gladstone Flea - TOMORROW!

Tomorrow is the first Gladstone Flea of the summer!! I am so excited we have SO MANY really really awesome vendors eeee!!! A lot of vintage clothing, and houseware, some new clothing, jewelry, and art! And of course Limberlina will be around if you are feeling crafty! Here are a few of the vendors that will be there: 

clockwise from top: Worn fashion journal, Green Bean Things, Coco & Bear, limberlina, Skinny Sweats, and Curious & Cute

weeee! It's going to be fun! It's taking place at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen street, and we'll be open from 10-4! We'll have coffee AND beer! Also food if you get a little hungry. And then in the evening Worn is having their issue launch event! I'm not sure what to wear though, it's prom themed... but maybe I'll find something good at the flea! I've already bought a pair of vintage suitcases from Coco & Bear that I'll be picking up at the flea tomorrow. 

Hope to see you there!!

Monday, 3 June 2013

sock KAL

My new years resolution this year was to make things that I hadn't tried before. I started with learning  how to crochet and then I did a lot of cross stitching. I really enjoy the process of learning and making things. I mean I LOVE chunky knitting but I do that so much for other people that it's nice to try something new for myself. I was determined to try to knit a pair of socks this year! The "A Yarn Loving Mama" group on ravelry is having a June sock KAL so I thought this would be the perfect time for me to learn!! Plus I got 15% off A Yarn Loving Mama's etsy shop! Ravelry and the group is free to join so it's really amazing to get discounts! I found A Yarn Loving Mama through instagram and then just found all of these other little things online :) The socks that they chose to make are called "Hermione's Everyday Socks" and it's a free pattern that you can find here

Ok SO I decided on my yarn, it's called "Afternoon Tea", I mean I love yarn and tea so I couldn't resist! But I think next time I would choose something brighter, maybe the "Watermelon" one. 

I woke up June 1 and realized it was time to cast on!! But I didn't have the proper needles so had to bike off to the local knitting store and bought a supposedly really good pair (according to the sales woman). I cast on later that day and knit any spare moment that I have! It's the smallest knitting I've ever done so it's interesting!!!

 I'm really slow at it right now and can't believe how fast other people are!! I'm following their progress on instagram with the #summerysockKAL13 tag. Anyway yes I saw someone had already finished their socks! I'm hardly even past the cuff! Oh well such is life and I'm sure it will get faster. I just hope that I can manage with the heel... people on instagram tell me that it will be fine so we'll see!!

yay! Can't wait to finish one sock!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

OPP! (other people's projects)

eee I love it when people make the knitting projects that I design! Laurie and Shawna found my braided headband pattern on ravelry. Here they are!

I love the yarn that Laurie chose! 

Shawna aka heartcallah made a lovely reddish pink headband!

Meanwhile, Lily made her very own acid cat ears and blogged about it at Hot Pocket of Delight!

too cute! I love them all! If you've made one of my patterns I would LOVE to see a pic! Send to


Friday, 26 April 2013

Gladstone Flea!

DATE CHANGE! This year I'm going to be organizing the Gladstone Flea!! I'm incredibly excited about this and I think it's going to be a BLAST! Our first flea market is June 1  June 8 and we're looking for vendors! Here is all of the information from the Gladstone Website:

A curated monthly marketplace, without the itch.
On the hunt for unique gems, fashion finds, vintage scores and other market must-haves, but hate the idea of spending the weekend knee-deep in thrift store piles?
The first Saturday of every month in the summer, the Gladstone Hotel teams up with notable fashion and lifestyle aficionados to jury an organized, handpicked, marketplace. Packed with purpose, artist goods, reclaimed vintage, craft, design, jewelry, clothing, and more, Gladstone Flea curates the market to help save you from the thrift store itch.
Gladstone Flea is organized by knitting and DIY expert, Laura Hopf, of Scarffaces and Limberlina.
June 8: Anita Clarke (I want – I got) & Jen McNeely (She Does The City)
July 6: Haley Mlotek (Worn Fashion Journal) & Meg Sinclair (Muttonhead)
August 3: Haley Cullingham (She Does The City) & Andrew Sardone (NOW magazine)


Dates: June 8/ July 6/ August 3 | 10am-4pm |Load-in: 9am-10am, Strike: 4pm-5pm
Venue: Gladstone Hotel Ballroom or Melody Bar
Artist, designer, craftsperson, zine-maker, or vintage aficionado? Submit to become a vendor! Tables are $50 and we’re looking for vendors for all of our markets. Apply by emailing with a few photos of the objects you would like to sell and by filling out the following information. Note that the jurors change each month so acceptance into one of the fleas does not guarantee acceptance into others.
Tell us about your products:
Company Name:
Category (vintage, craft, design, jewelry, clothing, other):
Date(s) you’re interested in (June 8, July 6, August 3):
Additional requirements for setup:
The Gladstone will be promoting this event to their network of over 20,000 people and through a postering campaign
So SUBMIT!! I can't wait to put this all together!