Tuesday, 31 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #14

March 6 1998
Know what? (no 'cause I didn't tell you). Today was ski day. Only one of the best days of my life. good news and bad news. Good news: Jacob kissed me plus I skiied with him practically all day! Bad news: the grade 5's made up a rumor that we frenched and that we made out (well it would be okay if we did, I guess!) I just sat with him on the bus and that's where it all happened. He got dared to, Tyler did too. Tyler did first and everyone was paying attention to them. That's when he did it. No one saw, and there was like 50 people on the bus. He also got dared to put his arm around me, he did then he just did whenever he wanted. So sweet, so sweet, so sweet (just like his kiss). It's the first time anyone has kissed me. It was kinda weird 'cause I sorta felt his nose on my cheek and a bit of his lips. Well I'm going on vacation for a week and then it's march break! Gotta go! (callin' Alexa)

I moved to Williamsburg for Built By Wendy.

When I was looking for apartments throughout New York city two summers ago, my broker took me and my roomie to an amazing building in Williamsburg right on the water with high ceilings and a rooftop. On the walk to the subway I saw a Built By Wendy store! I had admired Built By Wendy clothing online and had been to their little italy store once on a previous visit to NYC. I was SO excited that BBW was just a few blocks away from my future apartment!! The shop turned into an outlet store about a year after I moved in, and this past weekend was sadly it's last (with a huge blowout sale). Here are some of my favourite BBW items that I have acquired since my move!
Chevron Cropped Sweater worn on Xmas Day with Adrienne and Meowold.
My fave summer/fall/winter/fall dress!! It became so perfectly soft after I washed it a few times and it is just perfect. By some sort of miracle, after trying on different sizes and never finding my perfect fit, I went in with Merry when she was visiting and they had a smaller size that a salesperson had previously told me was sold out! Meant to be. 
Another one of my favourite dresses!! This floral knit three quarter length dress is perfect for fall, winter and spring and is so soft! Plus I love the print. 

I had been eyeing this bag since last summer but could not justify the purchase since I have numerous canvas bags already. I got it at a fraction of the price at the blowout sale and it even fits my laptop!! I love it. 
I also bought this jacket at the blowout sale for a fraction of the price. It is amazing. I love it so much that I kept it on for hours after buying it. Even in my nightgown and clog slippers I think it looks great. 

I'm sad that BBW has left me and I will no longer be able to look into the store on my walks to and from the subway. I'm really looking forward to the Spring Collection (as can be seen here) that will be in stores in March! I may just have to move to Little Italy... 
photo taken from the BBW facebook page. 


Monday, 30 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #13

February 17 1998
Dear Diary
today and yesterday we have been doing a musical called the elephants child. Today was our last performance. I have a feeling that Jacob doesn't like me anymore. I don't know why I think that, I just do. Gotta go!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #12

February 15 1998
Know what? Of course ya don't. Jacob (just the sweetest guy in the world) gave me chocolate kisses and a chocolate rose. Mom is sick so I couldn't get him anything so I made him a bracelet instead. Me and Lin said to Cameron "Will you be our valentines?" Craig thought we actually wanted to be. Hello! As if! Gotta go. 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #11

February 3 1998
I got gold in slalom a couple of weeks ago against Alpine. I beat the boys too! Last weekend I came in second. I rule at slalom but suck at G.S. Jacob is still the best (as usual). Tomorrow night I'm going to Jiu Jitsu with Sara. Truly I've only heard Sara say the name Tyler once. The rest of the time Tyler's name is: him/he/ya know my boyfriend. I'm listening to the song No Diggity by Black Street. 
Jacob broke my necklace accidentally when I was away. It was like 5 cents. I said he doesn't have to replace it but he says he must. Not feeling well gotta go. 

Friday, 27 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #10

January 15 1998
Dear Diary today we went skiing, it was kind fun. Yesterday Jen and Sara told Jacob that I hated him. He believed them. He cried, and he had to go to Aaron's house so he took the bus. When he thought I didn't like him, he didn't want to come on the bus anymore but he did. He was mad at everyone and everyone was asking if I stil liked him. I said yes. So they told him, he didn't care and stormed away. When he took the bus he practically forgot everything and sat with me! So everything is back to normal. Before he thought that I hated him, he was making fun of me. I was thinking about dumping him but I didn't want to. Everythings back to normal. Today he asked me if I wanted to ski with him next time we go skiing. Of course I said yes. I think Jamie is lez, she called Jen sexy yesterday on the bus for skiing. it took forever to change seats to I could sit next to Jacob and Sara could sit next to Tyler. Tyler sucks at boarding every time he tries to turn he falls. We were an hour late so we left an hour early and came back to school and hour early. It was better on the bus than the skiing. Gotta go!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #9

December 19 1997
Dear Diary 
today was the last day before Christmas holiday. I got Jacob a $20 gift certificate from HMV. He got me Usher!!! He's like the nicest guy in the whole entire world. I love him. Well gota go!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #8

December 8 1997
Dear Diary I was talking on the phone with Tamara, and Alex hung up on her. I pinched him and he fell backwards now his knee is like dead. I feel really bad. Samantha (asshole) said to Jen that all of Jen's friends are airheads (that includes me). Apparently an airhead is a valley girl. Gotta go (listen to usher) 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Barcelona 2010

6th grade diary entry #7

November 16 1997
Jacob asked me out a couple of days ago on the same day and time as Lins birthday party. When he found out he said I should go to the party. Very sweet. Mme.M changed him to sit next to me. Awesome. I made it to coops coloseum tryouts. Yeah! That's so cool. Gotta go. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #6

November 5 1997
Yesterday my pen wore out and that's why I had to go. One guy on the radio said that he thought the strike was going to go on until January. I hope not. I just saw Gramma and she says it looks like the teachers are going back. The halton board of education is in court today. They want us to go back to school. I'm listening to the song "when she says she loves me". Bye!

chunky knitting course!

If you're in the NYC area come to my chunky knitting course where you will learn the knit stitch as well as learn how to cast on and off, all while using chunky yarn that I use for most of my scarffaces! I'm hoping that students will be able to knit a headband by the end of the course! 

Sunday, 22 January 2012


I took my Dad's old polaroid camera back to Brooklyn and bought some film and it works! The only problem is it is very expensive. I'm happy with the two pictures I have so far!

Saturday, 21 January 2012


6th grade diary entry #5

October 30 1997
Dear Diary tomorrow is halloween. I'm probably going to as a witch. If the teacher's strike goes on for a month or more than we'll have to do the year (grade) again. Lin is doing a hair wrap in my hair. At first I thought the strike would be fun but now it's gone to far. Bye!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #4

October 29 1997
Dear Diary it's like one day 'till halloween and I still don't know what I'm going to be. I'm not being an M&M anymore. I might be a skelleton. Sharon says that I should be 'cause I already look like one with out a costume or anything. I might be Cher from Clueless but I'm not sure. I'm going with Lin and Tamara. Lin is going to be a skull and Tamaras going to be a skelleton. Or a skellieton as she calls it. The teacher's strike is still on it's really boring around home. Gotta go!

6th grade diary entry #3

October 22 1997
Dear Diary
I just heard from Julia that the teachers are going on strike on Monday (yeah!) (party!) If they go on strike for a long time we'll have to pay back time (boooo!) It's almost halloween. I'm being an M&M. It was just snowing and it's just the begining of october. I really hope that Jacob doesn't think that I want to dump him. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Learn to knit - the knit stitch

Now that you can cast on you are ready to learn the knit stitch! This is the most widely used stitch and it is also the simplest stitch to learn! It's very similar to casting on except instead of putting the stitch back onto your left needle, you slide the stitch off the left needle completely while keeping it on your right needle. Watch!
Good luck!

Learn to knit - casting on

You know how to choose yarn and how to choose needles now you need to learn how to cast on! Casting on can be tricky but I've made a video that you can watch and go back to if you need it. 
Let me know if you have any questions!!! Good luck! 

Friday, 13 January 2012

thewoods. always.

Learn to knit - choosing needles

You know how to choose a yarn, now you need to choose some needles! Needles can be especially confusing since there are US sizes and Canadian/UK sizes, and they are numbered according to the diameter in millimetres. US sizes increase in number with increasing mm size, and Canadian/UK sizes decrease in number with increasing mm size. US and Canadian/UK sizes converge at size 7 indicating a diameter of 4.5mm. Look at your yarn label again:
Pay attention to the second box this time (the third box is for crochet so forget about this box all together). It tells you both the US needle size and the size in mm - pay attention to the mm, this way you will know for sure what size needles to look for rather than translating it to needle size (*note - this label is from Canada but the needle size is US and the sizes on the needles will differ depending on location). Get at least 4.5mm sized needles for now. 

Ok so now that you are ok with SIZE you need to decide if you want double-pointed, single pointed or circular needles! I recommend using circular needles, as they are the most versatile and in my opinion the easiest to maneuver. Don't pay attention to how long the needles are. 

Lastly you need to decide what MATERIAL you want your needles to be. The most common materials are bamboo, plastic and aluminum. I prefer using plastic needles but bamboo is good too, I would steer clear from the aluminum and other metals. 
Remember: pay attention to the size in mm (at least 4.5 mm) and get plastic or bamboo circular needles. 
Go out and get some needles!! 

6th grade diary entry #2

October 22 1997
Dear Diary
Today Julia told Jacob that I was going to dump him. It's not true, I'm not sure if he believes her or not. I hope he didn't. 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Learn to knit - choosing a yarn

So you've decided you want to learn how to knit - exciting!! The very first thing you have to do is choose some yarn. 
Yarn stores can be overwhelming - so many different colours and textures, I always have to feel everything in the store before deciding what I want. I find that beginners usually just go with the colour that they like best, but this is not always a good idea!!! As a beginner you want to choose something that's easy to work with, something that will be easy to clearly see on your needles in case you make a mistake. For a beginner the best places to get yarn are Michael's, Zellers, Kmart, or Walmart. My favourite brand is Red Heart because they have so many different colours and weights of yarns. First look at the label:
On this particular label there are 3 boxes, the first box indicating the weight of the yarn. Look for the number 4 or higher. The second box gives you an idea of what size needles you should be using, this is a guideline so you don't have to follow it exactly (more about that in the next post about choosing needles). You will also see the washing instructions and materials on the label - look for a yarn that is either all or mostly acrylic. Acrylic is easy to work with and machine washable!
Feel the yarn between your fingers, it might not be the softest material but that's ok!
Now go out and pick up some yarn!!!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #1

Saturday October 18th, 1997
Dear diary
Sara + Tyler are going out. We're listing to Spice right now. (They suck). Sara is dancing. (8-|). 
Sara + Tyler = love
Tamara Lisa + Jonathan = love
Serena + Riley Darren = love
Laura (me) + Jacob = love
Lacey + Keyon = love
note : names have been changed to protect the innocent. 


Hello World!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am happy about this new blog project and am excited to see if I'll be able to keep it up with all of the other things going on in my life. I feel like I waste a lot of time on other websites on the internet so maybe that time can go into my own thing! If I'm going to procrastinate it's better to be doing something semi-productive is how I see it. My goal is to post simple knitting tutorials, grade six diary entries, photography, psychology news, food trends and daily living in Brooklyn.