Friday, 27 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #10

January 15 1998
Dear Diary today we went skiing, it was kind fun. Yesterday Jen and Sara told Jacob that I hated him. He believed them. He cried, and he had to go to Aaron's house so he took the bus. When he thought I didn't like him, he didn't want to come on the bus anymore but he did. He was mad at everyone and everyone was asking if I stil liked him. I said yes. So they told him, he didn't care and stormed away. When he took the bus he practically forgot everything and sat with me! So everything is back to normal. Before he thought that I hated him, he was making fun of me. I was thinking about dumping him but I didn't want to. Everythings back to normal. Today he asked me if I wanted to ski with him next time we go skiing. Of course I said yes. I think Jamie is lez, she called Jen sexy yesterday on the bus for skiing. it took forever to change seats to I could sit next to Jacob and Sara could sit next to Tyler. Tyler sucks at boarding every time he tries to turn he falls. We were an hour late so we left an hour early and came back to school and hour early. It was better on the bus than the skiing. Gotta go!

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