Tuesday, 31 January 2012

6th grade diary entry #14

March 6 1998
Know what? (no 'cause I didn't tell you). Today was ski day. Only one of the best days of my life. good news and bad news. Good news: Jacob kissed me plus I skiied with him practically all day! Bad news: the grade 5's made up a rumor that we frenched and that we made out (well it would be okay if we did, I guess!) I just sat with him on the bus and that's where it all happened. He got dared to, Tyler did too. Tyler did first and everyone was paying attention to them. That's when he did it. No one saw, and there was like 50 people on the bus. He also got dared to put his arm around me, he did then he just did whenever he wanted. So sweet, so sweet, so sweet (just like his kiss). It's the first time anyone has kissed me. It was kinda weird 'cause I sorta felt his nose on my cheek and a bit of his lips. Well I'm going on vacation for a week and then it's march break! Gotta go! (callin' Alexa)

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