Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I moved to Williamsburg for Built By Wendy.

When I was looking for apartments throughout New York city two summers ago, my broker took me and my roomie to an amazing building in Williamsburg right on the water with high ceilings and a rooftop. On the walk to the subway I saw a Built By Wendy store! I had admired Built By Wendy clothing online and had been to their little italy store once on a previous visit to NYC. I was SO excited that BBW was just a few blocks away from my future apartment!! The shop turned into an outlet store about a year after I moved in, and this past weekend was sadly it's last (with a huge blowout sale). Here are some of my favourite BBW items that I have acquired since my move!
Chevron Cropped Sweater worn on Xmas Day with Adrienne and Meowold.
My fave summer/fall/winter/fall dress!! It became so perfectly soft after I washed it a few times and it is just perfect. By some sort of miracle, after trying on different sizes and never finding my perfect fit, I went in with Merry when she was visiting and they had a smaller size that a salesperson had previously told me was sold out! Meant to be. 
Another one of my favourite dresses!! This floral knit three quarter length dress is perfect for fall, winter and spring and is so soft! Plus I love the print. 

I had been eyeing this bag since last summer but could not justify the purchase since I have numerous canvas bags already. I got it at a fraction of the price at the blowout sale and it even fits my laptop!! I love it. 
I also bought this jacket at the blowout sale for a fraction of the price. It is amazing. I love it so much that I kept it on for hours after buying it. Even in my nightgown and clog slippers I think it looks great. 

I'm sad that BBW has left me and I will no longer be able to look into the store on my walks to and from the subway. I'm really looking forward to the Spring Collection (as can be seen here) that will be in stores in March! I may just have to move to Little Italy... 
photo taken from the BBW facebook page. 


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