Friday, 13 January 2012

Learn to knit - choosing needles

You know how to choose a yarn, now you need to choose some needles! Needles can be especially confusing since there are US sizes and Canadian/UK sizes, and they are numbered according to the diameter in millimetres. US sizes increase in number with increasing mm size, and Canadian/UK sizes decrease in number with increasing mm size. US and Canadian/UK sizes converge at size 7 indicating a diameter of 4.5mm. Look at your yarn label again:
Pay attention to the second box this time (the third box is for crochet so forget about this box all together). It tells you both the US needle size and the size in mm - pay attention to the mm, this way you will know for sure what size needles to look for rather than translating it to needle size (*note - this label is from Canada but the needle size is US and the sizes on the needles will differ depending on location). Get at least 4.5mm sized needles for now. 

Ok so now that you are ok with SIZE you need to decide if you want double-pointed, single pointed or circular needles! I recommend using circular needles, as they are the most versatile and in my opinion the easiest to maneuver. Don't pay attention to how long the needles are. 

Lastly you need to decide what MATERIAL you want your needles to be. The most common materials are bamboo, plastic and aluminum. I prefer using plastic needles but bamboo is good too, I would steer clear from the aluminum and other metals. 
Remember: pay attention to the size in mm (at least 4.5 mm) and get plastic or bamboo circular needles. 
Go out and get some needles!! 

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