Thursday, 12 January 2012

Learn to knit - choosing a yarn

So you've decided you want to learn how to knit - exciting!! The very first thing you have to do is choose some yarn. 
Yarn stores can be overwhelming - so many different colours and textures, I always have to feel everything in the store before deciding what I want. I find that beginners usually just go with the colour that they like best, but this is not always a good idea!!! As a beginner you want to choose something that's easy to work with, something that will be easy to clearly see on your needles in case you make a mistake. For a beginner the best places to get yarn are Michael's, Zellers, Kmart, or Walmart. My favourite brand is Red Heart because they have so many different colours and weights of yarns. First look at the label:
On this particular label there are 3 boxes, the first box indicating the weight of the yarn. Look for the number 4 or higher. The second box gives you an idea of what size needles you should be using, this is a guideline so you don't have to follow it exactly (more about that in the next post about choosing needles). You will also see the washing instructions and materials on the label - look for a yarn that is either all or mostly acrylic. Acrylic is easy to work with and machine washable!
Feel the yarn between your fingers, it might not be the softest material but that's ok!
Now go out and pick up some yarn!!!!


  1. This was so informative! I've lived with a semi-professional knitter (my mom) my whole life and never even noticed those three boxes!!

    I'm interested to read the blog about choosing needles!


  2. Yay this is an exciting review on how to choose the best yarn. I think that this is a realistic blog about how to choose it. Great information on what type of yarn to choose! I am interested like Nadine is, to learn about choosing needles then I'll be on my way to becoming a knitter!!!

    PS great pix! :D