Wednesday, 29 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #24

June 22, 1998
Dear Diary, 
Guess what? Today was the grad. I danced with Jacob, Martin, Dave, Jeremy, Sam, Alex & Jacob (again). James won a prize, it was Janet Jackson's single "Got till' it's gone". I asked him for it and he gave it to me. He said "let's just call it a present." So I was like okay. Then Lacey said "Look what James got your girlfriend" Jacob said "so" she said "I know something about Laura but I can't tell". Claire gave me the "I can't believe she said that oh my god" look. Jacob went into the hall and said "I know Laura likes James, Lacey tells me all the time!" Claire said "Ew, no". Claire told me and so of course I thanked her. Then he asked Lacey if I liked James. She said no, but of course Jacob always has to be right, he said "I can tell by the way she talks and smiles." So now I'm pissed and I asked Jen to tell him I didn't like him and then for me to get on the phone and dumb him. Tomorrow I'll said "Jacob I hate you!" Gettin' tired. 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Polaroids 3

Amar and I had a little photoshoot on the roof over the weekend and while we were up there took some polaroids! These two photos were taken within a minute of each other but turned out very differently. It was also cool to see the change in colour as they were being developed. Here are the photos about 15 minutes after being taken: 

I really like the pinks!! Here are the same photos a few days later :

The pinks turned into yellows and somehow Amar's face was cut off, oh the mysteries of polaroid film. It was really cold and windy outside though so that might have something to do with it, but really every photo that I've taken with this film has turned out differently. The difference in sky colour is really a mystery though. The "real" sky looked more like the photo of me than the photo of Amar. 

6th grade diary entry #23

June 16 1998
Dear diary I wish you were like a psychiatrist or something cause I've got lots of questions that only Sara could answer (I could only tell her). I have a major crush on someone else. I'm going out with Jacob, of course you already know that. His name is Sam. He's really nice, really hot and more than all that and a bag of chips. He practically makes me melt. So if Sara asks Jacob to dance and he says yes I'll just ask one of my guy friends to dance (preferably Sam). Here's my order of guys from best to least (other than Jacob) 1 min, 5 stars max
1. Sam *****
2. Michael ****
3. Jeremy ****
4. Ryan ****
5. Justin ***
6. Matthew ***
7. David **

Thursday, 23 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #22

June 15 1998
Sorry I haven't written in a long time. I'm moving woohoo (as if!) I'm really confused .. when Jacob and I went to the movies for the first time together he didn't sit next to me, kinda strange... He said to us (Sara, Tyler and I) that he had an early hockey practice the next morning, so I was like okay. The next week at D.A.R.E. he said that he was flipped by a girl on his hockey team, very strange. I thought he was always whispering to Alex about stuf (Alex was on his hockey team). That was kinda weird. Then when I was at my ski club I met a girl named Leah. The next week she got a new student in her school, class I should say, called Britney. Leah knew I was going out with Jacob. Leah asked Britney if she had a boyfriend. Britney said "I used to named Jacob but one day when I went to hockey he said he had a girlfriend named Laura and dumped me and I flipped him." (those are her exact words said Leah). So I was really, well more than really mad. That was a long time ago. But now I can't be so sure that he might not do the same thing to me as he did to Britney. I might dump him but I don't know. Gotta go!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


We're going back to Bonnaroo this year! I'm just going to get more of the homemade chocolate salty popsicles!!!! 

6th grade diary entry #21

May 27 1998
Dear Diary I'm crying right now while i'm writing this. I don't know if I should dump Jacob or not. He bought me a ring and a chocolate bar. This afternoon, Kayon (Jacob's best friend), told me that Jacob was going to dump me, because Samantha told him something bad. I just got off the phone with Lisa, and she said I should dump him. But I don't know, I'll think about it. Gotta go!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #20

May 21 1998
I know I didn't write 4 a long time, but guess what? Well you can't guess but anyway. Lisa and Tyler, well I'll just tell you from the beginning. Okay! Every, well practically every girl in grade 6 was pretending 2 be a prostitute (as usual). We brought Tyler over and asked him out of all people who he wanted to give him a blowjob. We gave him until the end of lunch. He said Lisa, plus he gave her his lucky guitar pic necklace. Samantha told me that Sara probably would be jealous, I told like a couple of people. Sara got pissed at everyone 4 saying that then she cried. She was jealous, just won't admit it. Oh yeah that all happened yesterday. Today Sara and her cousin called Lisa and blamed her for stuff like you should't do that, she's your best friend, BLAH! But Li said, "Sara if you cared that much you shouldn't have dumped him". Well that's all that really happened. Bye!! P.S I hate Tyler cause he always turns mean whenever he gets a girlfriend. Bye! 

Monday, 13 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #19

May 7 1998
Tyler didn't dump Sara today, she dumped him. She said "let's just be friends" FRIENDS? Ha sure, nice way to dump Tyler, Sara. I think it's kinda funny. Today I wrote Jacob a note saying that I would miss him when he's at track practice on the back it said I love you always, Laura. I kissed him first. We always kiss now. I love him so much, I'm sure when I'm older and read this I'll think that I didn't even know what love was at 12 years old and in grade 6. But love to me is Jacob. Love is when you like someone more than you have ever liked anyone before. I like him more than my parents, a lot more, and I love them, so that means that I love him lots. Gotta go!

Thursday, 9 February 2012


6th grade diary entry #18

May 6 1998
Dear Diary, today "lots" of stuff happened. Me and Jacob kissed on the lips, a lot, like every recess. Sara and Tyler kissed once and Sara made a fool out of Tyler, so when I was walking home, Tyler asked me if he should dump him I said "what are your reasons" he said "#1 she bitches a lot, #2 she made a fool of me today and #3 she barely calls me" so I said "I don't know, but those are good reasons". So he asked me if I could for him or let her know what he was going to do. I told him if that happened she would dump him. He said that he would rather be dumped than to dump someone else. Then Aaron said "That's just like saying I rather cut myself from a team than someone else" Tyler said "you have a point!" I told Tyler that if he didn't like Sara anymore he should dump her. He said that he still liked her, but not as much as he did before. Tomorrow's the Academic Decathalon. More on Sara and Tyler tomorrow. Also what I forgot when me and Jacob kissed we did it for 5 very long seconds. Then Tyler asked us to kiss for 5 seconds again. He waited a long time just to say one. Jacob laughed and sorta spit on me. But I was nice anyway. Gotta go!

Monday, 6 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #17

April 30 1998
Jacob kissed me again, this is how he did it. He asked Keyon for a mint, he got one. we were passing Jacob's sister and he said "I don't wat my sister to go tell my parents!" So Tyler said find I'll go distract her and Tyler did. Jacob said "Do you care if I kiss you?" I said "No I don't care" And he kissed me at the bus lines. Sara didn't know what he was going to do and she just stared and she said when I got over to see her she said "ya ya ya I saw so don't go bragging" when I said nada to her. Oh well just jealous. Just joking she's cool. Sara is probably going to kiss Tyler at the movies tomorrow anyway. That is if we go. I wish to kiss Jacob there anyway. I just remembered when he kissed me the first time he was dared and this time he wasn't. A true kiss, luv him. Today Sam gave me his 3rd place ribbon. He said I could have it 'cause he has too many, what a nice friend. Oh well, tomorrow I'm going to Lisa's house after school I think, she's going to the movie too. Gotta go!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Polaroids 2

I took two more polaroid photos this weekend but this time they turned out differently! The first ones  that I took turned out really nicely. These two both have what appear to by age spots on them... This is kind of upsetting because polaroid film is not cheap!! But I suppose there is nothing I can really do about it and they still look cool. I ordered 5 discounted "old" packs from the Impossible Project that will most definitely have age spots on them.  

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Toronto Summer 2010.

6th grade diary entry #16

April 14 1998
Dear Diary today Jacob gave me a Panda teddy bear for my birthday. Our 6 month anniversary is on friday, he asked me out for then. He said he would call me tonight, but did he? no. I went to McD's with Jen and whenever I looked around there was this weird guy looking at me (the same guy) weirdo. I think that Lisa, Lacey, Sara and I are gonna start a band. No instruments just singers. Tomorrow I'm going to subway 'cause pizza day is on friday. So we're celebrating our 6 month anniversary tomorrow. Keyon, Jacob, Tyler, Lacey, Sara and I are all going. Oh Saturday I'm going to Lacey's, Keyon, Sara, Tyler hopefully Jacob and I are going. Well that's enough 4 tonight!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #15

March 23 1998
Ok now that portables have mold they're closing down and everything's different. Jacob didn't talk 2 me once today. Not even once? At the end of the day he told Chris to tell me that he loved me and Chris told me. He asked Jen stuff about me. She said I don't think she wants you 2 know. He begged, she said something she already told him. Oh ya! I forgot! He begged and said Laura won't care I'm nice 2 her. Ohhh! I'm nice 2 her? I'm nice 2 her? That's the reason. That's what I thought in my head when Jen told me. After he said that I was a babe. Gotta go!