Thursday, 2 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #16

April 14 1998
Dear Diary today Jacob gave me a Panda teddy bear for my birthday. Our 6 month anniversary is on friday, he asked me out for then. He said he would call me tonight, but did he? no. I went to McD's with Jen and whenever I looked around there was this weird guy looking at me (the same guy) weirdo. I think that Lisa, Lacey, Sara and I are gonna start a band. No instruments just singers. Tomorrow I'm going to subway 'cause pizza day is on friday. So we're celebrating our 6 month anniversary tomorrow. Keyon, Jacob, Tyler, Lacey, Sara and I are all going. Oh Saturday I'm going to Lacey's, Keyon, Sara, Tyler hopefully Jacob and I are going. Well that's enough 4 tonight!

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