Monday, 6 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #17

April 30 1998
Jacob kissed me again, this is how he did it. He asked Keyon for a mint, he got one. we were passing Jacob's sister and he said "I don't wat my sister to go tell my parents!" So Tyler said find I'll go distract her and Tyler did. Jacob said "Do you care if I kiss you?" I said "No I don't care" And he kissed me at the bus lines. Sara didn't know what he was going to do and she just stared and she said when I got over to see her she said "ya ya ya I saw so don't go bragging" when I said nada to her. Oh well just jealous. Just joking she's cool. Sara is probably going to kiss Tyler at the movies tomorrow anyway. That is if we go. I wish to kiss Jacob there anyway. I just remembered when he kissed me the first time he was dared and this time he wasn't. A true kiss, luv him. Today Sam gave me his 3rd place ribbon. He said I could have it 'cause he has too many, what a nice friend. Oh well, tomorrow I'm going to Lisa's house after school I think, she's going to the movie too. Gotta go!

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