Thursday, 9 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #18

May 6 1998
Dear Diary, today "lots" of stuff happened. Me and Jacob kissed on the lips, a lot, like every recess. Sara and Tyler kissed once and Sara made a fool out of Tyler, so when I was walking home, Tyler asked me if he should dump him I said "what are your reasons" he said "#1 she bitches a lot, #2 she made a fool of me today and #3 she barely calls me" so I said "I don't know, but those are good reasons". So he asked me if I could for him or let her know what he was going to do. I told him if that happened she would dump him. He said that he would rather be dumped than to dump someone else. Then Aaron said "That's just like saying I rather cut myself from a team than someone else" Tyler said "you have a point!" I told Tyler that if he didn't like Sara anymore he should dump her. He said that he still liked her, but not as much as he did before. Tomorrow's the Academic Decathalon. More on Sara and Tyler tomorrow. Also what I forgot when me and Jacob kissed we did it for 5 very long seconds. Then Tyler asked us to kiss for 5 seconds again. He waited a long time just to say one. Jacob laughed and sorta spit on me. But I was nice anyway. Gotta go!

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