Monday, 13 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #19

May 7 1998
Tyler didn't dump Sara today, she dumped him. She said "let's just be friends" FRIENDS? Ha sure, nice way to dump Tyler, Sara. I think it's kinda funny. Today I wrote Jacob a note saying that I would miss him when he's at track practice on the back it said I love you always, Laura. I kissed him first. We always kiss now. I love him so much, I'm sure when I'm older and read this I'll think that I didn't even know what love was at 12 years old and in grade 6. But love to me is Jacob. Love is when you like someone more than you have ever liked anyone before. I like him more than my parents, a lot more, and I love them, so that means that I love him lots. Gotta go!

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