Monday, 27 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #23

June 16 1998
Dear diary I wish you were like a psychiatrist or something cause I've got lots of questions that only Sara could answer (I could only tell her). I have a major crush on someone else. I'm going out with Jacob, of course you already know that. His name is Sam. He's really nice, really hot and more than all that and a bag of chips. He practically makes me melt. So if Sara asks Jacob to dance and he says yes I'll just ask one of my guy friends to dance (preferably Sam). Here's my order of guys from best to least (other than Jacob) 1 min, 5 stars max
1. Sam *****
2. Michael ****
3. Jeremy ****
4. Ryan ****
5. Justin ***
6. Matthew ***
7. David **

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