Wednesday, 29 February 2012

6th grade diary entry #24

June 22, 1998
Dear Diary, 
Guess what? Today was the grad. I danced with Jacob, Martin, Dave, Jeremy, Sam, Alex & Jacob (again). James won a prize, it was Janet Jackson's single "Got till' it's gone". I asked him for it and he gave it to me. He said "let's just call it a present." So I was like okay. Then Lacey said "Look what James got your girlfriend" Jacob said "so" she said "I know something about Laura but I can't tell". Claire gave me the "I can't believe she said that oh my god" look. Jacob went into the hall and said "I know Laura likes James, Lacey tells me all the time!" Claire said "Ew, no". Claire told me and so of course I thanked her. Then he asked Lacey if I liked James. She said no, but of course Jacob always has to be right, he said "I can tell by the way she talks and smiles." So now I'm pissed and I asked Jen to tell him I didn't like him and then for me to get on the phone and dumb him. Tomorrow I'll said "Jacob I hate you!" Gettin' tired. 

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