Thursday, 11 October 2012

Drake Fall Market!

This weekend I'll be selling some items at the Drake Fall Market! I'm really excited because there looks like there's going to be some awesome vendors and I saw some photos of donuts!!! Last week I got a HUGE shipment of Neon Merino Wool and I didn't know what quite to do with it all! I started to make wrist warmers but they took me FOREVER and I didn't want to charge $100 for them. So instead I've put together some 'make your own wristwarmers' kits! Each kit includes two sets of double pointed needles, a skein of highlighter neon yarn (yellow, green, pink, blue or mixed pink), and a pattern that I wrote and use for the wristwarmers that I've been making. They are INCREDIBLY soft! I love them sooo so so so much and I hope that others like them too! Hopefully I'll put some kits up in my shop by next week :)
FIngerless gloves in mixed pink neon
Fingerless gloves in highlighter yellow!



  1. These are awesome. Where is your shop located?

    1. Hi Christal! I'm glad that you like them, I didn't have too many people interested so I didn't add to my shop - and I meant my online etsy shop -

      If you're interested I would be happy to put up a listing for you on etsy! Or if you're in Toronto you can come by and pick up a kit :)