Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend to the Drake Fall Market! Although it was cold outside, I was bundled up in my warm knit items! I also was able to cuddle with a little dog for some time and that made things a little warmer. I drank hot apple cider and ate a pumpkin donut! It was the tastiest day!!! Here are some photos of the day:

Teeheehee how cute is Coltrane in the Val Braid! I think I will make some more for some doggie friends of mine. I was supposed to be in a market this weekend but it was cancelled! :( it's too bad because I really look forward to these markets and I have a great time meeting other vendors and customers. It's always a lot of fun. I'm thinking of having something at my apartment in November and then I'll be in a show for about two weeks in December. It's been a busy few weeks and certainly will stay this way until Christmas! 


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