Friday, 18 January 2013

knock out gloves with studs!

Earlier this week Kollabora sent me an awesome fingerless gloves kit (to win your own enter here!) They were SO EASY and really quick too! Perfect for knitters of all levels, here is the pattern. Since they were so easy I thought I would spruce them up with some ~*bLiNg*~ ok not really bling just a few studs that I got at Arton Beads on Queen near Spadina in Toronto. I bought $40 worth of studs!!! Not just for this project but for projects in the future. It's $3.50 for a pack and you get probably over 50 studs in there!! Anyway they're really easy to use, if you don't have pliers just use the back of a pair of scissors to hammer down the sides. Here is what I did!

1 ball of Lion's Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick (I used cobalt)
1 pair of size 13 needles
1 tapestry needle
1 pack of gold studs 

Follow the pattern posted from the link above. Now you have a pair of fingerless gloves!  

Add the studs one at a time, spacing them out evenly along the way.

You should now have something that looks like this! 

yay! I'm wearing neon pink nail polish but you can't really tell in this photo, it looks cool I swear! 

woot! Now go outside and show off your sweet new gloves! 


  1. U'r crazy! It's snow outside and u stand there half naked! ;-)
    But nevertheless. your top is awesome, I love it!!!!

    1. haha it's true it was freezing!! But it was only for less than 3 minutes then I bundled up in my covers with the heat blasting! All for a few good photos.