Thursday, 3 January 2013

Neckies for Skiing!

A few years ago before I started Scarffaces, I made my dad a special neckwarmer that was knit on the outside and had a neon leopard print fleece lining. This took me a REALLY long time to make because the hand sewing was very tedious but I loved how it looked and felt. Earlier this year I thought about making some more neckwarmers but I wanted to cut down on my time, so I found a really quick and easy solution! What I've been doing is I wear the fleece neckwarmer that I already have had for years, and overtop I put my knit neckie! The result is a really really really warm face and neck :) and it looks cool. I love it so much! Plus it gives a nice versatility to the scarf - when I'm not skiing I can wear it without the extra fleece lining in the city for a regular warm scarf. The fleece lining is great for the wind while going up the chairlift, but wouldn't be ideal for a walk in the city. I'll try to take some better photos this weekend. 
Left - Adam in his charcoal/neon neckie, My dad in his custom neckwarmer with fleece lining, and my in my chevron oat/neon neckie (the lighting does not do it justice!) 


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