Friday, 18 January 2013

Two Toned T

Once again I received a really great response from instagram about this top! Thank you all so much for your awesome comments and positivity :) It makes me excited to create more! I used to just knit without even taking photos and would just slowly show my friends. Having a great knitting community on my phone is awesome for inspiration as I love to see what people are making and it makes me want to share what I'm doing too! Ravelry and Kollabora are great as well obviously. Ok SO! Here is the pattern for my Two-Toned T! I'm really happy about how it turned out and the fit! It's probably my best fitted knit top. This pattern is fairly easy, you only need to know how to knit and purl, but it can be tricky when going from knitting on the round to knitting back to straight needles. You can do it!! 

size 8 circular needles (5 mm)
size 15 circular needles (10 mm)
1 skein of Kollabora's Chunky Hunk Yarn in Silver Fox
1 skein of Manos Del Uruguay Maxima in Yellow
1 tapestry needle

I wear a size small and it's a bit stretchy so this would probably fit s/m. It actually would also fit a Large because of the stretchy material but if you're worried just add a few stitches when casting on and it should be fine. 

- With size 8 needles cast on 70 stitches and attach in the round (be careful not to twist stitches!! I did this my first time casting this project on and had to take it all out after 5 rows when I noticed).
Work in a rib of Knit 1, Purl 1 for the row. Keep ribbing in this manner for 5 rows. 
- Change to size 15 needles, decrease 1 stitch every 10 stitches by knitting two together.
- you should now have 63 stitches at the end of this row (if you have more just decrease on next row until you have 63 stitches, if you have less that's probably fine, it's stretchy!)
- You will now just knit until your piece measures 7 inches (this should look like stockinette stitch since you're knitting on the round)
- Switch to neon yellow yarn and knit 1 row
- divide the piece in half (put 30 stitches on another needle - your size 8 circular needles will be fine or anything else you have lying around) and forget about it for a while, you'll be knitting each side separately from this point on
- cast on 10 more stitches at the beginning of the row (this will be a sleeve), purl across this row until you get to the end. For the next row, cast on 10 stitches at the beginning (This is your other sleeve) now knit those stitches and continue to knit the rest of the row
- You should have something that resembles a T shape 
- keep knitting in stockinette stitches (knit one row, purl the next, etc) for about 18 rows. You can eye it and see it it looks long enough to fit your arms or not, if not knit a few more rows
- move your work to smaller needles (size 8 from before is fine or anything else you have) and bind off: this will give it a nice smaller bind off rather than a messier look you would get with the larger needles - make sure that you're binding off on a row that you are supposed to 'knit' and not purl, this will give the outside of your shirt a really nice edge for the collar and the sleeves will look cool when sewn together
- Do the same thing for the other half of the shirt
this is how your shirt should look after you're done one side! Notice how I added the 10 stitches to either side to make the T shaped Sleeves. 

- sew the underneath of the 'T' part of your shirt on both sides with a tapestry needle
- sew the tops (the shoulders) together for about 3 inches (or if you want it to be wider or less wide that's fine too)

Now go out and show off your awesome new top!!! 
From the back!


  1. It looks really awesome! Did you use all of the Chunky Hunk Yarn? I'm wondering if there is some wiggle room in yardage!

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks :) No I didn't use all of the Chunky Hunk, there was a small amount left... my original plan was to just knit until I was finished the grey and then move to the yellow. But then I was at a length that I liked and stopped. I would say I would have been able to get less than 5 more rows in. I think it would still look good if you made it longer or wider and just changed the colour earlier! I had LOADS of the Manos left but the skein was a lot larger.