Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Knitting class!

Last night I taught a knitting class for Etsy's craftathon week at the Uniiverse headquarters! It was a lot of fun and somehow everyone finished a headband!!! I'm incredibly impressed by the skills of all of these women!

Jaclyn, Sophie, Rhonda, and Rebecca cast on and ready to knit!  

             Sophie and Rhonda working away!                         Jaclyn in the middle of her headband! 

Finished products!!! Don't they look awesome? I'm so proud :) great job guys! 
There are a lot of other awesome looking workshops all week long which you can check out here



  1. What size needles did you teach with? 13?

  2. This class we actually used size 11 because I couldn't get size 13 at any shops!! But at my other class I taught with size 13 yes.