Monday, 11 March 2013

Beyonce cross stitch

I've been wanting to make another cross stitch since making the ludacris/valentimes cross stitch. I really want to get better at cross stitch and I love the feeling of it, how it takes a long time but on a day where you just want to watch movies or tv shows it's really great way to relax :). My friends Haley and Daniel recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary (more on to come!) so I wanted to make one for them. I was having a hard time coming up with something! All of the songs that they love have REALLY LONG lines and it had to be something short. I sneakily told Haley that I wanted to make another cross stitch and she said "oh! do a Beyonce one!" Little did she know that it was actually a present for her. I used the lines "me and my boo, and my boo, boo ridin" ok this was a lot harder said than done, I wanted to make sure that those were ACTUALLY the lyrics so I went on several different websites and they all gave me different information! Finally I found an article on MTV's website addressing this specific lyric and apparently "me and my boo, and my boo, boo ridin" is the correct lyric. I followed the same format that I used for the ludacris cross stitch and added a cute little heart at the bottom with h+d on the inside. 
I wrote everything out in fading ink and then as I went along I checked for spacing. I really like the &s! 

I learned that it's easier if you just do one side of the X on the way up and the other side of the X on the way down! It looks neater on the back this way and goes more quickly, but it can be hard to do this with certain letters like Os for example. 

Nothing fancy here! Just used a glue gun to glue some fabric onto the back. I KNOW that the proper way is to stitch the edges with a machine but I was hard pressed for time and my sewing machine wasn't set up, etc, etc, etc. 

Finished product! I improvised the heart which is why it doesn't look that good but I like it!! 


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