Tuesday, 18 June 2013

what I've been making lately

I've been knitting so much lately! I took a break for a few months and tried some different things, crochet, but mostly cross stitch/embroidery. The other week I got a request for a knitted tea cosy! So I looked into patterns and changed one around a little bit and ended up with this

ah I love it so much! I will be making one for myself and then for other tea lovers in my life! Friday morning I realized that I still didn't have a father's day gift for my dad! So I decided to make him a tie inspired by Knit York City's boyfriend tie which was based on this free pattern. I used yarn that I had lying around my house which was probably a mistake because it was definitely too thick for a tie! But I had very little time so I'm proud of the result. I want to figure out a better tie though. Here is the one I made 

so there you have it! what I've been knitting lately. I'm off to Israel tomorrow for two weeks ahh!! Hope to finish my second sock on the plane :)


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