Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Roses & Cables pullover

I started this sweater many many months ago and I'm so happy that I can finally say it's complete!! I bought the pattern online from Mary Maxim about 6 months ago. The pattern was really easy to follow but I kind of messed up the bottom cabling, instead of knitting two additional rows after the "arrow" I just kept on with the arrow cabling, but I was consistent and I think it looks good. I wanted to bring it from the 80's to the 10's so I took to instagram and asked for some help! I did the back in black and. This part actually took me a long time! I was kind of bored with the plain knitting and so was happy to get back into the floral pattern for the sleeves. 

yay it's done!! And I love it! 6 months well spent ;). Now onto new knitting projects. The next one I'm making is all one colour but involves changing the stitches to give it some texture/pattern.