Saturday, 22 September 2012

new things!

A lot of changes have been made in the past few weeks at Scarffaces HQ! I changed my shop from a shopify store to an etsy store. I like it a lot better so far, shopify always had issues with transactions going all the way through and these issues aren't present at all in etsy. Although I did really like the way the shopify store looked I think that etsy is better overall. You can check out the etsy store by clicking on the shop tab at the top or on the etsy store on the side OR by clicking here

I made some new items for the Fall 2012 line and it's finally scarffaces weather here in Toronto! I love wearing a big sweater and a scarfface. The most popular colour of this season has been mustard and it's interesting because I only sold ONE mustard scarf last year! I think the colour is really great though and looks awesome with the chevron print, reminiscent of Charlie Brown! 

I also really like the bright colours that I've been able to get this year, like the Coblat. I sold no scarves in this colour last year! I think it looks great in both the honeycomb and the chevron patterns. 

I'm still loving the neon from the summer and think it looks great in the val braid!!

The entire fall collection can be seen on my facebook page here!!