Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend to the Drake Fall Market! Although it was cold outside, I was bundled up in my warm knit items! I also was able to cuddle with a little dog for some time and that made things a little warmer. I drank hot apple cider and ate a pumpkin donut! It was the tastiest day!!! Here are some photos of the day:

Teeheehee how cute is Coltrane in the Val Braid! I think I will make some more for some doggie friends of mine. I was supposed to be in a market this weekend but it was cancelled! :( it's too bad because I really look forward to these markets and I have a great time meeting other vendors and customers. It's always a lot of fun. I'm thinking of having something at my apartment in November and then I'll be in a show for about two weeks in December. It's been a busy few weeks and certainly will stay this way until Christmas! 


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Drake Fall Market!

This weekend I'll be selling some items at the Drake Fall Market! I'm really excited because there looks like there's going to be some awesome vendors and I saw some photos of donuts!!! Last week I got a HUGE shipment of Neon Merino Wool and I didn't know what quite to do with it all! I started to make wrist warmers but they took me FOREVER and I didn't want to charge $100 for them. So instead I've put together some 'make your own wristwarmers' kits! Each kit includes two sets of double pointed needles, a skein of highlighter neon yarn (yellow, green, pink, blue or mixed pink), and a pattern that I wrote and use for the wristwarmers that I've been making. They are INCREDIBLY soft! I love them sooo so so so much and I hope that others like them too! Hopefully I'll put some kits up in my shop by next week :)
FIngerless gloves in mixed pink neon
Fingerless gloves in highlighter yellow!


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Etsy Shop Update

I have finally come around to taking photos of the new pomfaces and have added them to the etsy shop! I really love this hat and I think it's a great improvement to the hat I made last year. For some reason last year I just couldn't get the slouchiness that I wanted, but I changed the stitches up and it fits exactly like how I imagined it in my head! I hate using traditional patterns so I go through a lot of trial and error before deciding on a final piece. 

Here's the new pomface in all of it's slouchy glory :) 

I'm obsessed. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

braided headband pattern!

Ok so the materials that you will need for this headband are:
  • size 17 (13mm) needles
  • one (or two) balls of super bulky weight yarn (category 6)
  • cable stitch holder (I actually use a double pointed needle, really you can use anything straight maybe a pen! whatever you have lying around)
For this pattern you'll be holding 2 strands of yarn together to get a bulkier feel, you can take both strands from the same ball of yarn, one that is easy to get on the outside, and one that might be harder to get from the inside of the ball. If you can't easily get the piece of yarn from the inside then you can either divide the ball of yarn that you have in half by rolling it, or you can use 2 different balls of yarn. 

Cast on 11 stitches
Row 1: knit all stitches
Row 2: k1, p9, k1
Row 3: k1, slide 3 stitches onto double pointed needle & bring to back, k3, knit 3 from back, knit remaining stitches
Row 4: k1, p9, k1
Row 5: k4, slide 3 stitches onto double pointed needle & bring to front, k3, knit 3 from front, knit remaining stitch
Row 6: k1, p9, k1 
Repeat rows 3-6 until it measures nicely around your head. It will stretch out a bit so it's ok to make it tight. It's ALSO ok for in the even rows, if you forget to knit the first and last stitches to just keep with the purl. It won't take anything away from the final product it will just be a little bit less wide. Having the consistent knit stitches on the ends makes it a little bit flatter, it's my preferred way but I have made it the other way too :)! 
When it's a good length cast off leaving a long tail to sew the ends in together. 
Now put it on and wear it around town!

edit: I've seen that a lot of people have been using this pattern! Awesome! I'm so happy to see that! I would LOVE to see your photos of the final product!!!! Send to Thanks! :)