Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Freestyle Knitting: Skank Flank Tank edition!

My favourite way to knit is by freestyle knitting; knitting without any 'real' plan or pattern in mind. It's how I turned a scarf into my beloved highlighter halter top. As I've said before, I really don't like following patterns because there are so many things that you have to do (make a swatch, have the proper needle and yarn sizes, etc). I used to look at patterns for reference and now I use other items that I've knit for reference. Also I usually don't write down exactly what I've done and then people ask me how I made it and I have no clue! WELL this time I wrote everything down and I'm here to share that information with you!!! If you want to follow a pattern use this, or use it as a reference for creating your own masterpiece. 

1 skein of Best In Show Superfine Alpaca Yarn by Kollabora (I made mine into two balls of yarn)
1 set of size 5 (3.75mm) needles
1 set of size 13 (9mm) needles
1 set of size 17 (12.5mm) needles
1 tapestry needle

Yes I know it's a lot of different needle sizes! You probably could get away with using just 2 sizes of needles, it's important to have the bottom be a smaller sized needle so that bottom stays down and tight to your body (I learned this from freestyle knitting with all one size needle!)

I wear a size small so if you're bigger you might want to add stitches at the beginning. The front and back are essentially knit the same but the back has less stitches than the front (to stay flat on your back and the front has some extra room for lady-parts). 

With your size 5 needles, holding 2 pieces of yarn together, cast on 32 stitches 
Work in ribbing (knit 2, purl 2) for 4 rows
Row 5 - use size 13 needles to knit this row (and continue with size 13 needles), now you're going to use stockinette stitch
Row 6 - purl
(Odd rows knit, even rows purl) 
Row 15 - use size 17 needles to knit this row (and continue with size 17 needles)
Row 18 - knit this row (instead of purl) to give a nice line effect
Row 19 - knit
Row 20 - purl
(continue with odd rows knit, even rows purl) 
Row 24 - again knit this row instead of purl to give the line effect
Row 25 - knit
Row 26 - purl
Continue this until Row 33
Row 33 - switch back to size 13 needles and knit this row
Row 34 - purl
Row 35 - bind off

Same pattern but cast on 40 stitches

Putting it all together: 
Start with attaching the top - sew left and right shoulders together for front and back pieces using your tapestry needle; Sew about 1-1.5 inches for this part. Sew the sides together starting at the bottom about 2.5 inches on each side. Now go out and wear it while it's still cold outside! No just kidding wear some layers on top or underneath! I'll be wearing mine through till it's 30 degrees (celsius) out :). 

side - showing off my skank flank
REALLY excited about the end product
If you make this top (or a variation) please share with me I would LOVE to see it!!!



  1. Hey Laura, this top is so cute♥♥♥ discovered you on instagram, love your blog! I'm knitting too some little things, but i'm in the beginners status, ha, ha. Hope i lern some technics from you ;)..lovely greetings from Germany, Koko

    1. yay yes glad that you like :) It's actually really easy to do! You just need to know how to knit and purl. Most of the items that I make are really easy and look harder than they actually are ;) Let me know if you ever have any knitting questions!! Would love to help xxxx