Friday, 26 April 2013

Gladstone Flea!

DATE CHANGE! This year I'm going to be organizing the Gladstone Flea!! I'm incredibly excited about this and I think it's going to be a BLAST! Our first flea market is June 1  June 8 and we're looking for vendors! Here is all of the information from the Gladstone Website:

A curated monthly marketplace, without the itch.
On the hunt for unique gems, fashion finds, vintage scores and other market must-haves, but hate the idea of spending the weekend knee-deep in thrift store piles?
The first Saturday of every month in the summer, the Gladstone Hotel teams up with notable fashion and lifestyle aficionados to jury an organized, handpicked, marketplace. Packed with purpose, artist goods, reclaimed vintage, craft, design, jewelry, clothing, and more, Gladstone Flea curates the market to help save you from the thrift store itch.
Gladstone Flea is organized by knitting and DIY expert, Laura Hopf, of Scarffaces and Limberlina.
June 8: Anita Clarke (I want – I got) & Jen McNeely (She Does The City)
July 6: Haley Mlotek (Worn Fashion Journal) & Meg Sinclair (Muttonhead)
August 3: Haley Cullingham (She Does The City) & Andrew Sardone (NOW magazine)


Dates: June 8/ July 6/ August 3 | 10am-4pm |Load-in: 9am-10am, Strike: 4pm-5pm
Venue: Gladstone Hotel Ballroom or Melody Bar
Artist, designer, craftsperson, zine-maker, or vintage aficionado? Submit to become a vendor! Tables are $50 and we’re looking for vendors for all of our markets. Apply by emailing with a few photos of the objects you would like to sell and by filling out the following information. Note that the jurors change each month so acceptance into one of the fleas does not guarantee acceptance into others.
Tell us about your products:
Company Name:
Category (vintage, craft, design, jewelry, clothing, other):
Date(s) you’re interested in (June 8, July 6, August 3):
Additional requirements for setup:
The Gladstone will be promoting this event to their network of over 20,000 people and through a postering campaign
So SUBMIT!! I can't wait to put this all together!

Friday, 12 April 2013

limberlina's first craft show

Tomorrow is limberlina's FIRST craft show! The Toronto Indie Arts Market at the Gladstone Hotel from 10:30-4:30. If you're in toronto PLEASE come check it out we would love to see you. We really cannot wait I am so excited!!! Limberlina is so different from scarffaces that it really feels like a whole new world! Even though it's the exact same world. It's just all very exciting. We're going to have three kits - an arm party, knit bows 3 ways, and tassel kits:

ah excited for this! 

Monday, 8 April 2013


It's my birthday tomorrow and I had a really fun party on the weekend!! My DIY BFF kim made me a really cool banner, beautiful cupcakes, tissue paper flowers with mason jar containers, and really really amazing magnets of instagram photos!! She is just the best, and all of the tutorials will be up at shortly 
A few months ago I stole another polaroid camera from my parents. My other polaroid is also stolen from them and they gave them away as gifts at their wedding!! Anyway I'm not sure when my new one is from but it looks even older than the one I usually use. I used black and white expired  impossible project film and two of the photos turned out great! The third is kind of messed but whatever that's what you get when you used expired film + a camera from the 80s. 

Tomorrow it's supposed to be really warm out so I'll take a walk down to queen street and get my fave slice of pizza and later on get some beerrrzzz omg I'm excited, 27 is going to be the best I know it.